Review: La roche-posay Serozinc

Today I am going to talk about a hydrating toner that targets at acne-prone skin. It is one of my most beloved product. My skin is acne-free for 2 months after using this product consistently for a while (touch the wood….). You seriously do not want to miss it if you suffer from acne problem or have in general combination or oily skin.

Enjoy the read! 😉

What is it?
Hydrating toner.

How to use it?
Spray after cleansing or after acid toning. DO NOT use it during the day when you have sunscreen or make-ups on. Spray will ruin the effectiveness of your sunscreen!!

Who is it for?
This is a great product if your skin likes mine are prone to ACNE. According to the directions, seronzinc also soothes razor burn. I usually did not have this problem, so I can not tell. Let me know if you have tried it on razor burn.

What does the product claim?
Purifies and soothes skin irritations, razor burn, skin imperfections. Baby’s bottom epidermal treatment (after cleansing with mild soap).

Does the product live up to its claim?
Totally. I used to mix-use different hydrating toners so I didn’t discover how effective this product is. After using Seronzinc consistently for about 1 month, my skin suffers less and less from acne. This result is shown when I didn’t change any other part of my skincare routine. For 2 straight months, I only got some minor spots before my period. This is EFFECTIVE!

What I don’t like about it?

Would I buy it again?

The price for La Roche-Posay products depends on where you make the purchase. On (where I usually made my La Roche-posay purchase), this product is 10.74 euro for 150ml when there is no discount.

Where to buy?
Serozinc is actually not available in every country that sells La Roche-Posay. However, you can easily found some carrier online.

water, sodium chloride 0.75%, zinc sulfate 0.10%

 Please leave a comment if have any questions or just have something to say 😉


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