Shoes: Sergio Rossi cut-out suede and leather pumps

This is a blog about skincare, make-ups and shoes. I realize that I have not had any blog posts featuring shoes. So Here it is….

Everyone  (e.g. my friend, my boss and my neighbour 😉  )  knows that I am a shoe addict. Some women are obsessed with handbags, I am obsessed with shoes. I think shoes are those accessories that can change the entire feeling of someone. Even when you wear a great outfit, polished make-ups, you will not look so good if you accessorize yourself with shoes that does not fit your style.

Today I am going to talk about the one pair of Sergio Rossi that I owns.

Sergio Rossi is one of those High-end designer shoe house that is famous for their glitter and femininity (as least in my understanding). Sergio Rossi always struck me as  only suitable for a gala event.

Apparently, this pair of shoes  does defies my misconception (maybe?!). Contradictory to the iconic Sergio Rossi Glittery component, this shoe is just pure leather. The leather consists of 3 different texture which creates a very chic, and edgy feeling.


The natural arch of the shoes makes anyone wearing it unbelievably feminine !


Last but not least, this pair is comfortable to wear!

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I know that Sergio Rossi is unbelievably expensive. I bought this pair at 40% discount and it still costs me about 350 euros. Ouch, it hurts. For a pair of shoes that is this unbelievably chic, I would think that it is money well spent.

Updated (Feb 19, 2017): I just found out has a couple of pairs in stock. So if are interested in this pair, go grab one! Click here for the shoes 😉



2 Comments Add yours

  1. meinheels says:

    It’s worth it though. The shoe is a classic.


    1. Totally agree with you!


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