Review: L’Oreal Superliner Perfect Slim Black Intense

This post is about my staple makeup product– liquid eyeliner. As a Chinese girl who has inner double-folded eyelid, I am always struggling to find an eyeliner that can stay there the whole day. Why? Because my eyelid is always in friction with the eyeliner, which makes almost no eyeliner to stay put. Does this eyeliner stay put on my very difficult eyelid?

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Enjoy the read!

Who is it for?
This is a liquid eyeliner for people with double eyelid. If you have inner double-folded eyelid like I do, or if you have mono eyelid, save your money and move on.

What I like about it?
THE COLOR: true and intense black. It is not those eyeliners who claim to be black and turns out to be greyish.


FELT-TIP: the felt-tip in this eyeliner is very easy to handle and very precise. You can easily create a feline click. You can easily create a thin line or thicken it up and create a bolder look.

What I do not like about it?
Well, you already know. It just does not stay on my eye. Even after applying eyeprimer, it will go to my eyelid or get under my eye after a few hours. In a few hours, I am walking around with panda eyes. I really give it a try for at least a month. I wear it alone and wear it with eyeshadows. I tried with primer. Nothing prevents me from becoming panda eyes in the middle of the day.

What does the product claim?
Easy application, Superliner Perfect Slim eyeliner is so precise and easy to use with its 0.4mm tip.  Create your precise feline eye look with this intensely black formula, that will last you all day.

Does the product live up to the claim? 
Not for me. I want to love it, but it just does not stay where it should be.

Well, the price varies. It is around 9 to 11 euros, depending on where you buy it.

Where to buy?
Loreal is available at your local drugstore wherever you are.

Apparently, my hunt for the best liquid eyeliner continues. 😉


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  1. Molly says:

    I find this to be a really nice liner, but it runs out way too quickly! Have you tried the Stila liquid liner yet? It’s my current favorite. Lovely post!


    1. It is indeed a very good liner. Just not so for my eye type. I have also tried the Stila liquid liner, that one lasts longer for me. Thank you for your suggestion, Love your blog 😉


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