Review: Estee Lauder X Victoria Beckham Bronzer Java Sun

20170314_163353.png                    Left: Java Sun Bronzer                    Right: Modern Mercury Highlighter

This is a delayed post from the exciting Estee Lauder × Victoria Beckham collection. When I heard that the collection is coming back this spring, I couldn’t wait to release this post.  I didn’t grow up listening to spice girls , so my perception of  Victoria Beckham is really more of the fashion icon/designer Victoria Beckham. I think like most people who are familiar with pop culture/fashion, killer cheekbone (aka amazing contouring) ,  sleek fashion style and always on high heels come to mind regarding Victoria Beckham.

So when the collection comes out, I get my hand on the bronzer immediately. Does it worth the fame and will you get Victoria Beckham style cheekbone using this bronzer? If you are looking for a natural-looking bronzer, this could be a really good option!

Enjoy the read ;-).

What is it?

On the official website, it is claimed to be “a natural-looking matte bronzer that can be used all-over the face for a sun-kissed look, or worn beneath the cheekbones for added definition”.  I think this product truly lives up to its claim.

How about the color, texture and finish ? 
The color is medium brown with warm undertone. It does not contain much orange tone, which is essential to create a natural looking skin.The color is matte and does not contain any shimmer, which, I think, is essential for a good contour product.

The texture is smooth, soft and silky and it is not too powdery.  It is very easy to blend out, so that you can create either a softer or stronger look easily. The color on the skin is true to pan. It wore well for 6-8 hours on me


swatch on my inner arm, the color is matte and natural.

Who is it for?
Unfortunately, this bronzer does not work for everyone. If you have fair to medium (nc25–nc45) skintone, this is a palette for you. I have a medium beige Skintone (I use medium beige color for almost all different brands of foundation), this works great on me. But I suspect that if you are 2 shades darker, this bronzer is likely not to show color on you. If you have very fair skin, this will not work for you as well. Fortunately, for those with paler skin,  Victoria Beckham launches the saffron sun bronzer palette this spring.

How to use it?
Apparently, it depends on your purpose. I personally use it with a tailored face brush (wayne goss air brush) for both bronzing and contouring and it works great.

The color on me as a contour

How about the packaging?
The package is supreme.It is not only beautiful, but also durable and unlike some packaging (you know those YSL lip and eye palette that just becomes so scratchy even if you put it in the drawer). I have used this palette for almost 5 months now where I have taken it with me in my bag around, and travelling.  The package endures the test. Given the built, I don’t think the mirror will be separated from the bronzer as Chanel face/eye palette do.

What I don’t like about it?
The price is not so pocket-friendly.

Strangely, the official website is at 65 euro, but net-a-porter sells it at 56-58 euros. For 0.42oz (12gram), the price tag is decent among the luxury makeup lines.

Where to buy?
You can make the purchase from Estee Lauder official website  or Net-a-porter.

I purchased all of the products featured in the post myself. None of the links in the posts are affiliate links.


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