Review: Estee Lauder X Victoria Beckham Illuminator Modern Mercury


This is a delayed post from the exciting Estee Lauder × Victoria Beckham collection. When I heard that the collection is coming back this spring, I couldn’t wait to release this post. Unlike the  java sun bronzer that was a completely new launch by Victoria Beckham (see my review here) ,  the modern mercury illuminator was previously launched by Estee Lauder but it is discontinued. Victoria Beckham loved modern mercury so that she decided to bring it back. Modern Mercury has received lots of praise before. Does the Beckham launch live up to the hype? If you are looking for a highlighter/illuminator with some color, this could be a good palette for you.

I hope you enjoy the read, and please leave your comment if you have any suggestions about this post, my blog or you simply have something to say! 😄

What is it?

It is a highlighter with warm tone and slightly gold pearl shimmer.


How about the color, texture and finish ? 
The texture is unbelievably soft and smooth. When you touch the pan with your finger, you immediately feel how finely milled this highlighter is.

I find that this palette is very versatile. With this palette, You can wear a very sheer layer of highlight or you can also go full on for a glowy look.

Who is it for?

I think this highlighter will work for most skintone. On my skin tone (medium beige), the highlighter adds a bit of warm-tone color but it is not very obvious. I suspect that for fair skintone, this highlighter could function as a blush as well, while for darker skintone, the warm color will not pick up as much as for paler skintone.

heavy swatch on the left, light swatch on the right
How to use it?
I have tried this highlighter with both dense and loose brush. It works with both really well.

What does the product claim?
This highlighter can be worn as a strobing accent on the cheekbones, with or without bronzer to create a fresh, dewy look. Finely milled for a light and silky texture, this illuminating powder is packed with pearl pigments – perfect for achieving a warm glow.

Does the product live up to the claim?
I think this product truly lives up to its claim.

How about the packaging?
The package is supreme.It is not only beautiful, but also durable.  I have taken the bronzer palette (whch has the same packaging as this one) with me in my bag when I am on the go , or when I am travelling.  The package endures the test. Given the built, I don’t think the mirror will be separated from the palette.


What I don’t like about it?
The price is not so pocket-friendly. It is after all a really high-end palette.

Strangely, the official website is at 65 euro, but net-a-porter sells it at 56 euros. For 0.26oz (7.5 gram), the price tag is decent among the luxury makeup lines.

Where to buy?
You can make the purchase from Victoria Beckham official website  or Net-a-porter.

I purchased all of the products featured in the post myself. None of the links in the posts are affiliate links.


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