On one hand, I am a girl who is passionate about skincare, make-up and shoes. On the other hand, I am a PhD candidate in Marketing who is passionate about data science. This may be a weird combination. But my long-term ambition is to combine two of my passion together — data science and beauty. Before I reach my 20-year goal, let me start this blog about beauty.

In this blog, you will receive my most honest reviews on the skincare, make-up products. Occasionally, I will also feature my shoe collections.

I try to be as analytical as possible in my review. Here is how I achieve it.

Any of the skincare products will be tested for a minimum period of 21 days, ceteris paribus. This means that when I test a product, I will only add this new product to my skincare routine and all of the other products I use will be fixed. I believe that this is a good way to examine how effective a product is.Of course, sometimes, products will interfere with each other and weaken the effect. I always try to minimize such effect by reading and studying the ingredient lists, and analysing the potential interfering effect.

Any of the makeup products will be tested for a minimum period of 7 days. Any make-up product will be used continuously for a period to test for effectiveness, longevity and consistency.

Do you think this is an effective way to test product? Do you have any suggestions? Don’t hesitate to let me know.  😉  Any comments or suggestions are highly appeciated.


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